Welcome to Braids without Borders!

Thanks to the existence of social media, it is easier nowadays to connect with people in other parts in the world who have the same passions and interests. Instagram has allowed the two of us to connect and build a friendship in a way we could never have imagined.

Our names are Jordan & Clarice and we are both 20 years old. While Clarice is Dutch and from the Netherlands (but currently living in Denmark), Jordan is Canadian and lives in British Columbia, Canada. We share a passion for braiding and all things hair and met each other through our Instagram ‘braiding accounts’ almost 3 years ago. Despite the fact that we live over 7,000 kilometres apart, we started connecting and our friendship quickly grew.

We soon found out that we have more in common than just our love for braiding and photography. We chose similar studies, share other interests besides hairstyling, and overall have very similar personalities. Some people have even told us that they think we look alike in a way (although we don’t see that resemblance!)! Ever since, we never stopped talking and sent each other long messages or used video chat, shared a lot and learned so many things about each other’s continents, countries and lives although we had never met in real life. However, this changed over the summer of 2016, when we had the opportunity to finally meet each other and spend time together! You can read more about our time in Canada here. We then were lucky enough to get a chance to meet up again the next summer, about which you can read more here!

Despite the fact that we come from completely different parts of the world, we are able to share our passion for braids with not only each other, but many other friends and you, as well! On our blog, Braids without Borders, we will be sharing our favourite hairstyles and photos that depict our different cultures along with tutorials, advice and many other exciting posts! Both of us are self-taught braiders and know that practice makes perfect (almost!), hard work pays off and happiness lies in doing what you love. All of this and more, across borders and cultures and we would love to share this with you!

xo, Jordan & Clarice


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