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All these bright colours make me so happy!😄 Places like these are a great way to escape the greyness of our winter!😜 Speaking of colours; that reminds me of how my very random but fun username, yiyayellow, still makes me happy as well! Did you know that I chose that name back in the day, simply because yellow was my favourite colour? Well, good thing it still is! I really didn’t plan on posting braid pictures or anything at all though.😅

Anyways, back to this week’s pictures! A while ago, I received a few fun pairs of Happy Socks in the mail. Just for the record, they haven’t asked me to or don’t compensate me any extra for sharing them on my blog. Just sharing this because I truly love them! When we received these fun-looking socks however, my friend and I quickly decided that it would be a fun idea to try and take some creative pictures with them! Aren’t they just the cutest socks? 

So off we went, back to this cool urban park that I’ve written about before. We took a few different pairs of shoes and had some fun taking these pictures.

It was sooo cold, especially when I had to change the shoes and socks! At one point, I couldn’t really untie my own shoelaces anymore, but luckily I had my friend there with me!😂 I was happy to wear this relatively warm sweater though! And I might have secretly worn some thermal clothes underneath as well haha!

For my hair, I decided on this 3-strand pull-through braid. It had been so long since I tried this braid. I love the way it looks and thanks to the many elastics you use, it stays in so well.

These fun-coloured things here are actually bike racks! If you’ve read my other post about this urban park, you may remember that all of the objects here are from different countries. These ones are German-produced but can be found in some other European countries as well such as Greece, Belgium and Denmark. These ones are actually from Finland! Oh and the swing bench I’m sitting on in the other picture, is from Iraq!

I have a fun code to share with you guys! You will now receive a free tote bag (with a €14 value), with any 1 item or more purchase from Happy Socks! Just use the coupon code: ‘happytote’ at checkout!


Let me know down below what your favourite picture of this shoot is! I’d love to hear from you, so that I know what you like & I can keep improving!


Veerle Clarice

2 thoughts on “Happy & Bright”

  1. I really like these urban style pictures great photography.. what are and where can you buy those pink brown shoes? Really like them too..

    1. Thank you, Bob! 🙂 Aren’t they just amazing? My favourite shoes right now! But.. I bet you meant to ask about the socks, right? 😉

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