Lighting up January

To bring a little bit of light into the dark month of January here, we thought it would be a fun idea to take some different types of lights out to take pictures with. Well, this did definitely not turn out as expected! It ended up taking us 2 days but I do have some fun pictures to share!✨

Do you know that problem when you have this picture in your head of what a certain pose and shot is going to look like, but then it just turns out completely different and not in a good way? Yeah well that’s exactly what happened here haha! We went out with our lights to take pictures right at sunset. There was this pretty sky and we thought it would be just perfect! We went for a kind of romantic look with the lights but instead, when we took these pictures with the lights around the braid, they ended up looking funny and kind of weird! 😂

Lots of people passing by in the dark park clearly also wondered what we were doing and this time we were just that extra bit noticeable because of our bright lights while the rest of the place was unlit. One guy even came up to us asking what this was for haha!

After trying some different spots and positions, we finally decided that it wasn’t really gonna work out that day and that we would have to come back later. We decided to go about an hour earlier the next day, so that we would be able to catch some more of the light in the pictures.😄

This worked out better and it was fun to think of the different settings with the lights. It was soooo freezing cold that day though and it was so hard for me to keep smiling spontaneously in the pictures and not look too cold haha!

In the end we were happy we didn’t give up on our goal to take pictures with these lights and managed to capture these shots. For my hair, I went with a same-side pancaked French pull-through braid. I also did a pull-through braid on the first day, but it doesn’t really show in those pictures haha!😅

Who else really loves all these types of fairy lights? I don’t just love them around Christmas time, but year round! I have totally left some of my fairy light decorations up in my room after Christmas. It’s just so cosy, especially since we still have so little light during the days here; it gets dark so early!

Let me know down below which one of the pictures is your favourite!


Veerle Clarice

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