Our Year in Review

Yesterday, March 18th 2018, it had been exactly one year since we shared our first post on this blog! How has it already been a. whole. year.?! This was such a fun and special day! After almost a year of working on this project, we finally got to share it with all of you! We are so happy to say that despite exam weeks, travels, lots of studies, holidays and even exchange, we have managed to stick to our resolution of posting every single Monday. That means there are now over 52 posts up on this blog for you to read! To be honest, it wasn’t always easy to come up with new content and get posts ready in time. However, we did it anyway and it was worth it. More importantly though, we have learned a lot in these past 365 days. We have learned more about blogging, grown as individuals and our friendship has only grown stronger through all of this.

Today, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at this past year. We will be sharing some of our favourite posts and pictures, for our year of Braids without Borders in review.


Summer Trip 2016

Lake Louise braids Canada day at the cabin with hats

Of course this one had to be included! This was our first post and basically where it all began. This summer trip was a perfect combination of travelling, family, getting to know each other better, learning about cultures & working on our new blog! The pictures were taken when we visited Lake Louise and when we celebrated Canada Day at the beach!


Tropical Braid Inspiration

facing the sun at the palm house header picture at the palm house

This post is special to me as it was the very first ‘official’ blog photoshoot that I did with my friend & photographer Wiebke. We took a trip to the Botanical Garden’s Palm House and spent a lot of time taking tropical pictures. We were lucky that it was a sunny day as the sun provided an extra fun effect! I am thinking we might have to go here again soon for blog photos. This place is pretty and more importantly, it’s always warm in the palm house, so I finally wouldn’t have to be cold while taking pictures!😂


Yellow Fields

hands in my hair in the yellow field 

You can always tell when I really love a hairstyle when I go back and make a tutorial for it. Yellow Fields was one of my first summer-y posts and I think that’s part of the reason it’s one of my favourites. I actually did this style twice because I didn’t think we got enough photos, but in the end I don’t think I used any of the new ones 😂. I just love the contrast between the yellow ‘flowers’ and my black dress!


20 Reasons to Study Abroad

My 20 Reasons to Study Abroad post is special to me as it’s so personal. I have written this out of my own experience and reading this post helps to remind me again and again how fortunate I am to be able to experience this!😄 Makes me so happy! If you’re considering studying or even working abroad, make sure to have a look at it!


Adventure Awaits

 adventure to the tulip fields

This post will always be so special to me because I had it planned for my trip to visit Clarice. Our trip together was so great and it’s fun to look back at what I thought before I left to go there! I also love that we finally got to go to a tulip festival because it was on my list for so long.


Colourful Walls of Copenhagen

Bright colours make me happy! That’s one of the many reasons why I love Copenhagen so much! There are so many beautiful coloured buildings everywhere. This post was a lot of fun to make and I love how the pictures with the contrasting backgrounds turned out.🌈 These colours in this beautiful city are definitely something I want to try to incorporate in more posts.


Winter Trails


Winter is by far my favourite season so naturally snow pictures end up being some of my favourites too! These photos were taken in one of my favourite spots, which I had somehow never actually taken a blog photos there before. I also really like how this hairstyle turned out! Although there wasn’t much of a story to go along with these photos, all things combined make me love this post!


Travel Diary: Our ‘Around the Sound’ Trip

Travel posts are some of my favourite posts to create. I love taking pictures of everything around me on trips. Sometimes I take so many pictures, that I need to be reminded to just look at the places around me like this, instead of through the camera.📸 This trip was special and I had so much fun with some of my best friends! I have lots of exciting trips coming up this year, that I hope to be able to share on here as well!


Ten Things

my favourite blog post 

I love posts that have a casual conversational feel to them. This post is so special to me because I finally got to share that I was moving to England! I love looking back now at how I felt compared to how it feels to be living here now. It’s been so fun these past weeks and it’s hard to believe that my time here is almost halfway done!


Our Europe Trip 2017

Jordan in Paris

Of course, we couldn’t forget about this post! In the summer of 2017, it was Jordan’s turn to come visit Clarice and we had 2 amazing weeks! Instead of on the beach, we celebrated Canada Day in Paris this year! Did you know that we, by chance, were featured in a TV show? You can watch the segment here, it starts at 12:15 minutes.😂


We hope you enjoyed our posts this past year, and that you will continue to come back and check out our blog. We hope to be able to learn a lot more in the year to come, and create many exciting blog posts! Let us know down below which post this year was your favourite! 🙂

– Clarice and Jordan

Clarice & Jordan

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