Under the Sea

I feel like it’s all about the visuals this week! I do not have a whole lot to write with these pictures as speak for themselves.😉 Under the sea! 

My friend and I took a trip to the national sea aquarium this day and took the camera with us. We wanted to try out some creative pictures, different from pictures we normally take.

It was challenging to take pictures in this crowded area with so little light, but I’m pretty happy with the fun shots we got! One of the challenges for sure was trying not to get too many other people and especially kids in the background of the pictures!😂

While we took these pictures, a group of people was watching us and two guys apparently got inspired as one of them took my spot to pose in the same way, the moment I got up haha!😂

I didn’t edit the rainbow in in this picture, it was really there thanks to the sunlight shining through the water! I thought that was so cool!😄

We really liked this picture in black and white as well and I couldn’t really decide which one to include here so I just decided on both! You get to decide which one is better; do you like the black & white or colour version more?😄

Just so you know, this is the hairstyle I was wearing. It’s hard to tell in most pictures, so we decided to take a couple of pictures in ‘the rainforest’ there as well to capture the braid!

I had a fun time at the aquarium taking these different types of pictures! Let me know what you think of these creative-type pictures!😄


Veerle Clarice

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