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First of all, I would like to use this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Clarice! She has given me the chance to be a part of her amazing work. I am really thankful for that!😘  My name is Wiebke, I am from Germany and since the fall of 2016, I have been behind the camera for most Yiyayellow pictures & blog posts. Sometimes however, you can also see me in front of the camera, modelling some of Clarice’s hairstyles. Clarice and I follow the same study programme, which is how we have met!

These 2 pictures, are the first picture I took of Clarice and the first picture she took of me!😄 You can always recognize me in the pictures by my blonde, shorter hair!😊

Our collaboration started almost 1,5 years ago now, shortly after Clarice and I first met. Back then, when Clarice first asked me if I could help her take a picture of her hairstyle for Instagram, I barely had any experience in photography. Most of my family members really enjoy taking pictures, so I was used to being surrounded by cameras.😂 However, I had no clue about the use of the technical features such as the F-stop, ISO or shutter speed. Just like Andrée, I still have never attended a photography course or read any book about it. Anyhow, during these past nearly 1,5 years I have learned a lot about photography by simply trying out a lot of different settings while taking pictures. Once I became less hesitant about changing the different settings and discovered their different uses, I quickly learned! There’s definitely still a lot more to learn, but this constant improvement is what makes it so exciting!

Still, we often struggle to find the best setting and especially background for the hairstyle. Although sunlight can add a lot to a picture, it can be your worst enemy at the same time! Uneven shadows on the hair or direct sunlight, is just something you don’t want as it is hard to compensate with the settings of the camera. However, we currently can’t really complain about the sunlight. We’ve been waiting for what feels like months for the sun to come out again here, so every ray of sunlight is very much appreciated!😉

Another one of the challenges we often face while taking pictures is the wind. It’s windy 9/10 days here, which makes taking decent pictures of especially hairstyles with part of the hair down very difficult. We try to solve this by constantly putting the hair back in place, brushing it again, running back to that one perfect spot when the wind stops for a second and then taking lots of pictures before the next gust of wind comes.😅

In this picture it’s actually me modelling one of the hairstyles! I have an advantage compared to Clarice as I can often at least keep my coat on halfway, thanks to my shorter hair! Oh by the way, the cold is definitely the worst part of taking pictures outside! I’m happy to usually be behind the camera and so be able to just keep my coat on!😂

Besides the struggles we face, taking pictures is also a lot of fun! Clarice and I have discovered so many beautiful places over the past year that we might otherwise not have seen. We go to new places almost weekly for braid photos. Moreover, many of the times I can even combine taking pictures with my workout! Often, I have to sit in a squat position to get the best angle.😆

It is also not unusual that I end up sitting in a bush, right behind some kind of plant or on the ground. The best part is to see the faces of people walking by, when I’m in some weird position trying to get a good shot! Especially because I usually look like some kind of pack mule (not in the bad sense of the word😂), carrying Clarice´s jacket(s), scarf, camera bag etc.😅

I hope you enjoyed reading some more about what’s going on behind the camera of the Yiyayellow pictures! I definitely enjoyed sharing #sharingiscaring. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Until next time!☺

-Wiebke (wiebkechristina)

Veerle Clarice

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  1. I enjoyed this post. I’m learning how to change the settings as well, & didn’t know I could get nicer lighting in my house until now!

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