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Hey! This is Kalyssa from @braided_to_infinity on Instagram and I have another pictorial for you! Last month I showed some step by step instructions on how to do a French braid with some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. Click here to learn the technique. Once you’ve mastered the French braid the next basic braid to learn is the Dutch braid. Braiding is very multicultural you see. A Dutch braid is essentially the identical technique as the French braid except instead of crossing the strands on either side over the middle strand, you cross them under. A Dutch braid is also known as an inverse braid because the the technique is the exact inverse of a French braid. (Question: What is the opposite of an inverse?) Dutch braids are my absolute favourite and once you learn the technique the options of styles are endless!  I hope these pictures help you out.

Start off by gathering a section of hair at the top of your head and dividing it into 3 equal sections. I usually grab a pretty large section because it makes the braid go quicker and the pieces are easier to keep track of but if you want a more detailed braid go for a small section at the start.

Cross the right strand under the middle strand so it becomes the new middle strand.

Cross the left strand under the middle strand so it becomes the new middle strand. It can sometimes be hard to understand what’s going on when first learning the technique, because there are lots of pieces to keep track of, so if you have a mirror it’s handy to be able to watch. I don’t have a double mirror set up at home so I usually do a few steps then use my phone to take a picture of the back of my head over my shoulder to make sure I’m doing the pattern correctly.

The next step involves adding more hair. Before crossing the right strand under into the middle, add a small section of hair.

Then repeat the step on the left side. Add a small section of hair to the left strand, then cross it under the middle strand. Adding hair before crossing it under is the “Dutch” technique. This makes the braid stand out on your head instead of staying tightly bound and smooth like a French braid.

Repeat the pattern all the way down your head.

When you run out of hair to add, continue until the braid reaches your desired length. Because my hair is pretty long I usually bring the braid over my shoulder to the front to braid until the end. If you end off doing that it is super important that you make sure you continue the Dutch pattern. If you start crossing the hair over instead of under you will unbraid your braid you just spent a lot of effort on!

At the end, if you so desire, you can gently “pancake” the braid by pulling on the edges to get more volume.

Here’s the final look! Optionally, you can add some beads like I did here, just for fun! I love doing Dutch braids and Jordan and Clarice both use dutch braids often in their styles. I hope you have success in your braiding endeavors! If you’re looking for a cool combo of french and dutch braids search “Tuxedo Braid Cute Girls Hairstyles”, it’s one of my absolute favourites!!

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P.S. I was standing in the ocean for this photo and crabs were pinching my feet.  #commitment

P.P.S. I took the pictures during the summer because I would have to be crazy to take photos in the ocean in the freezing cold Canadian March.  


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