Spring is in the Hair

Spring is finally here!🌸 Or at least, kind of.. 😅 Although we’ve still had some random days with snow here in the past weeks, there have been days with sun as well! Many flowers are finally starting to bloom and the trees are getting greener. This all means that it’s finally time for brighter, lighter backgrounds!

I love taking pictures in the spring as there are so many beautiful and colourful backgrounds to be found. It’s often so challenging to take braid pictures during winter when there’s no snow (we don’t usually get a lot of snow here, just little bits that disappear quickly) and everything is so grey outside. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so happy that spring is finally here.

These pictures were taken on one of our first real spring days. We’ve been checking the weather forecast regularly and got so excited when it showed that it was going to be sunny that week! We didn’t have to think twice and decided to take our chance that morning to go out and take some spring-themed pictures!

What is more springy than flowers?🌸 That’s why I decided to go with this hairstyle for that day. It includes three braided rosettes and a loose fishtail bubble braid. I also curled the rest of my hair for a more romantic look. For the ones of you interested; it took me about 1,5 hours to complete this hairstyle.

To be honest, this shoot wasn’t even supposed to be for a blog post. We simply took these pictures for an Instagram post. This definitely doesn’t always happen, but we actually ended up with a ton of different pictures that I’m really happy with! This time I wanted to share more than just the one or two pictures that I would post on my Instagram, so that’s why I decided to just share them in this blog post!


Wishing you all a great spring or autumn season, depending on where you live. I feel like I’ve said this before, but I can’t really choose a favourite season. I think every season has its charm and I just love the fact that we get to experience the different seasons every year! What is your favourite season? Share it with us by commenting below!


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